The Quality of our products is our number one priority.  We are proud to achieve and maintain our ISO 9001-2015 & AS 9100:2016 Certified status.  Our commitment to produce a high quality product each and every time is being met.  Our continuous improvements in all aspects of our business help maintain high quality and lower cost products.

Quality Policy- To Manufacture PRECISION ENGINEERED COMPONENTS FOR AEROSPACE & COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS that meet or exceed the requirements of all our interested parties.   This accomplished by on-time performance, maintaining our leadership in quality and continually improving the Quality Management System.

Our Brown & Sharpe Global Image CMM combines cutting edge mechanical innovations, state-of -art motion controllers, and PC DMIS CAD software.

Quality Control System

JobBOSS which is now linked to uniPoint Software give's us the ability to control and monitor, Minutemen's and its Subtier Suppliers performance,  to continually improve and exceed our customers requirements.  These modules gives us the ability to meet our goal to delivery higher quality products. 

Controls and Monitors:
  • Non-Conformances 
  • Root Cause & Corrective Actions 
  • Preventative Actions
  • NC Controls and Tracking 
  • Customer Complaints 
  • Customer Delivery Performances 
  • Sub-tier Delivery Performances 
  • NC Tracking                           
  • Customer & Vendor Surveys  
  • Document Controls             
  • Auditing                             
  • Education and Training         

Quality System Approvals:
  • Preferred Performer Program
  • Platinum Source Supplier
  • Key Plan Supplier
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Digital Product Definition
  • Continual Improvement
  • First Article Inspection

Calibration Recall System

GAGEpack software is used in multiple facets of the Corporation. 
  • Recall of Inspection Tools and Gages. 
  • Historical Tool and Gage Records
  • Inspection Gages Inventoried. 
  • Recall Shelf Life Items. 
  • Customer Tooling Calibration Requirements. 
  • Preservation of Product.


Final Inspection
1st Piece Inspection